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The Best Cordless Lawn Tool Systems

Many people buy a string trimmer and try to use it as an edger in the hope of creating a nice clean edge where their lawn meets a sidewalk, driveway or path. A lawn edger is a piece of equipment that is used to maintain your landscaping. It is designed to cut grass and weeds, but it shouldn’t best lawn edgers 2018 be mistaken for a lawnmower. Instead, this equipment is used to separate the lawn from asphalt, concrete, or other surfaces. Just mowing over this grass usually doesn’t give you the results you’re looking for, as there may be longer pieces or weeds hanging over onto the surface.

best lawn edgers 2018

These handy accessories tell the user when they’re off-course during their edging session. Users flip the indicator into position, and they watch it during their forward movement. You won’t accidentally best lawn edgers 2018 bump the curb or gouge the lawn when you can follow the indicator with ease. The pivoting handle’s efficiency is enhanced by the fact that the WORX edger has a very lightweight feel.

Burgon And Ball Rhs Stainless Lawn Edger

The teeth help you to cut through tougher sod and sink down into the soil. With a bit of muscle, you can even take on St. Augustine or Bermuda grass. In the test, various grass trimmers with battery were tested for their durability, their battery life and the cost-to-performance ratio.

best lawn edgers 2018

The strengths of the second-placed model, the DUR 181Z by Makita , are just in the corners. Unfortunately, this cordless grass trimmer can only very badly separate coarse material. In addition, the model lacks a plant guard, making it very difficult to work on tricky sites without injuring other plants. He scored with his ability to cut even in a very narrow radius still clean.

Tip #6: Edge First, If You Prefer

Plus, the green band at the tip of the handle makes it effective and easy to hold. When talking about the best hand edgers, it’s impossible to leave Fiskars out! It’s one of the most respected brands in the industry- and its performance tells it all. The semicircular steel is able to penetrate through grass roots and the ground to give you the regular shapes you need. Just like Radius 206 Pro above, Radius Garden Pro-Lite is yet another outstanding best half moon lawn edger that you can use.

On thick Japanese knotweed, the Ego blazed right through 1-inch-thick stalks like they weren’t even there. Other trimmers either took much longer to do this or couldn’t make the cut at all. To test each trimmer’s upper range, we pitted each one against a large stand of Japanese knotweed. Our string trimmer recommendations are for those who want a reliable, powerful tool to help with post-mow cleanup and weed clearing. We weren’t looking for a pro-grade tool that could be used all day to flatten a hay field or that was necessarily durable enough for constant, rugged use. We were looking for one that was convenient for intermittent regular use, with enough oomph to handle grass, thick weeds, and the occasional stalky shrub.

Having this tool gives you the performance of three tools. You can easily convert it to a trimmer, edger, or a mini-mower in less time. For comfort and ease of use, the best lawn edger has an adjustable height and pivoting handle position so you can set the right height for a comfortable edging. So these are worth considering given that the best sellers are almost exclusively those that have received a high number of good customer reviews. The most expensive, gas-powered edgers can cost more than ten times as much. It is important to establish a budget for your power equipment so you can prioritize your money.

best lawn edgers 2018

Using a stick edger is going to give you a straighter line than most people can get with a string trimmer in the edging position. It will also through some tougher edges that haven’t been maintained in a long time. Why pay thousands of dollars per year for the upkeep of your yard when you can pay hundreds and get the same professional results? However, its overall performance, ease of use, compact size, and professional results make it an investment that can increase your home’s curb appeal season after season. If you want pure power and the versatility to use your edger as a trimmer, this is a great choice.

About Epic Gardening

These typically are more powerful than electric models, and you don’t have to worry about charging up a battery. The drawback with these is that you have to purchase gas, which is an ongoing expense. These run using a cord plugged into a standard electrical outlet, while some have a rechargeable battery.

While it is a bit more expensive than some of the other products we reviewed, it also comes in the largest lengths as well. Dimex, unlike some of the companies on our list, do not at all specialize in lawn edging or even products designed for use exclusively with your lawn. Instead, Dimex is a make and manufacturer of products composed of plastic. While this can take the form of lawn edging, it can also be applied to a wide variety of uses such as industrial, marine, and home purposes.

Best Battery String Trimmer Vibration

These are not as tiring to use as string edgers that you have to carry, but they have blades that require adjustment and over time, replacement. One of our biggest complaints about string trimmers, in general, is the way they throw debris on us if we’re trimming in the “wrong” direction. Husqvarna deals with this by offering two-way head rotation.

  • With six positions to choose from, you can edge lawns, gardens and other areas with ease.
  • All our “commercial-level” trimmers have a one-piece shaft, and the three “consumer-level” models had two-piece shafts.
  • Weeds will germinate just as readily in soil than grass will.
  • Some step lawn edgers have a foot plate to step on when edging the lawn.

Some are 4-cycle and some 2-cycle, but they’re all gas powered. It says not to use anything but a string trimmer on it, but I ignore that and use an edger attachment. I also replaced the string trimmer head with a landscape blade. I trimmed the entire place last night and only used one blip on the 4 AH battery.

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Our search for the best lawn edger continues with this model from GreenWorks. Perfect for manicuring and cutting a small yard and making it look sharp. You can easily get it going by pressing a button and even though it is a corded model, you will not have to worry about the cord being tangled. With a 12-amp motor and a double-edged blade, you can make sure that your yard will look awesome after you trim it properly with this extremely helpful tool. We went through a lot of reviews to select only the best lawn edger models and present them to you.

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